A Few Things Lately…(taking a break)


The most important news I want to share is that I will be TAKING A SHORT BREAK from blogging due to my travel plans but I promise to return with tons of photographs to share on the blog. Meanwhile, I will be active on the social media and my IT friend will be monitoring this blog. 

A Few Things Lately is a monthly series where I share some interesting stories and finds from around the web. Simply click on the fonts in gray to read the articles that interest you. Get your cuppa tea or coffee, sit back, relax and read on…

  • Off The Shoulder tops are everywhere this summer and they are wiped out of the shelves as the summer approaches. This is an easy DIY video tutorial if you wish to create one for yourself. Here’s my shortcut – if you don’t know how to stitch then just invest into a good fabric glue. I really wish to learn stitching someday!
  • And this looks like a great tip to keep your Off The Shoulder tops in place!
  • If you are a mom of a girl, this is a must watch commercial video for you. It involves periods – first moon party – pin the pad on the period, uterus piñata, vagician and ….oh damn just watch it (here). I was on the floor laughing!
  • These are world’s most beautiful libraries. I think they are picture perfect!
  • Here’s a low-carb salad which looks fantastic. I’ve been meaning to try this since a long time now.
  • This is for all the young women out there who are a few years into their marriage. I tried too hard to control my emotions reading this blog post that says – Mind Your Own Womb.
  • I attended my first ever bloggers meet up at Sugar & Cloth studio and it was a lot of fun. The blogger community in Houston is extremely supportive. Here are some snapshots of the event. Can you spot me in third photo? I’m in stripes đŸ™‚

The Blogger Union by Lipstick and Brunch© 0 (5) The Blogger Union by Lipstick and Brunch© 6 (6)

The Blogger Union by Lipstick and Brunch© 3 (5) The Blogger Union by Lipstick and Brunch© 9

Hope you have a fantastic day ahead!


Pin-worthy Images by Studio Belle Photography

When a business emerges out of a hobby, you know you are in good hands! You are sure that there’s a lot of passion and hard work involved and it is meant to succeed. That’s exactly how my friend Minh Doan Lin’s photography business Studio Belle started. She named it after her daughter and permanent model Annabelle whose nick name is belle. Her interest in photography peaked especially after her adorable kids were born. This lady is full of talent and a great multi-tasker! She is a pharmacist by day and a photographer whenever she is not working.

I’ve been blessed to call her my friend, my neighbor and now my mentor for photography. While her website is still under construction, she is very active on social media – Facebook (as Studio Belle Photography) & Instagram (as Minhtyfreshlife). She captures beautiful images of newborn, children, family and high school seniors. If you like to do a session with her or have any question, send her an email at capturedbystudiobelle@gmail.com.

Here are some ahhh-dorable pictures of kids she took including the last two pictures of our daughters.

studiobelle1 studiobelle2 studiobelle3 studiobelle4 studiobelle5 studiobelle6 studiobelle7

Don’t you think these images are absolutely pin-worthy for Pinterest!


Favorite Smokey Eye Videos for Dark Brown Eyes

Smokey eye is great but what may work on the hazel eyes with light skin may not work on Indian dusky skin with dark brown eyes. The techniques and colors play a very important role when it comes to applying eye makeup. Even the color of the hair and eyebrows are important. If you are not careful with smokey eyes then you may end up looking like a raccoon. No kidding! I’ve had many such incidences early on when I did not know how to apply eye makeup properly. Over the years with trial and error and enough research I’ve learned a lot.


Image Source: Pinterest

Here are some resources I put together for a friend of mine who has been asking about smokey eye makeup lately specifically the one that suits on Indian dark brown eyes. Thought I would share with you as well! Check out the video tutorials that are underlined and in gray font below. They are excellent, easy to follow and my absolute favorite.

  • When I became serious about learning makeup, I did not want to blow my budget initially on expensive cosmetics so I started researching for drugstore makeup tutorials. I came across Emily Noel’s videos and THIS video on a $4 natural looking smokey eye was my absolutely favorite. Everything costs only $1 and I have worn that look with pretty much any outfit you can imagine. She is huge on Youtube and has amazing tutorials for drugstore makeup, I have learned so much from her.
  • THIS video by a celebrity Bollywood make-up artist Mickey Contractor in collaboration with MAC cosmetics is my go-to guide for a really quick party smokey eye. It is bookmarked on my phone and I watch it over and over whenever I like to do smokey eye makeup.
  • I love the practical and super easy tips by an Indian makeup artist Pallavi Simmons and learned so much from THIS video tutorial about smokey eyes. 
  • As I got more and more confident about my eye makeup, I decided to invest into the holy grail of eye makeup pallet – Urban Decay. You will not regret buying this, $54 for an eye pallet sure is high but you will be using it for a very long time.
  • If you do not like to break your bank then THIS eye palette from Wet n wild is just $5 and my absolutely favorite. I still use it sometimes for my go-to eye makeup.
  • If you like to see more then I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated just for smokey eyes. HERE is the direct link to my Pinterest board, you might have to log into your Pinterest account to access it.

Here’s a helpful tip – try to apply the eye makeup simultaneously while watching the video on your phone or on your computer. This helps a lot and you can learn faster and experiment with several looks that works best on you.

Hope you like the videos listed above. Let me know if you have any favorites that taught you a thing or two about smokey eyes!