Favorite Smokey Eye Videos for Dark Brown Eyes

Smokey eye is great but what may work on the hazel eyes with light skin may not work on Indian dusky skin with dark brown eyes. The techniques and colors play a very important role when it comes to applying eye makeup. Even the color of the hair and eyebrows are important. If you are not careful with smokey eyes then you may end up looking like a raccoon. No kidding! I’ve had many such incidences early on when I did not know how to apply eye makeup properly. Over the years with trial and error and enough research I’ve learned a lot.


Image Source: Pinterest

Here are some resources I put together for a friend of mine who has been asking about smokey eye makeup lately specifically the one that suits on Indian dark brown eyes. Thought I would share with you as well! Check out the video tutorials that are underlined and in gray font below. They are excellent, easy to follow and my absolute favorite.

  • When I became serious about learning makeup, I did not want to blow my budget initially on expensive cosmetics so I started researching for drugstore makeup tutorials. I came across Emily Noel’s videos and THIS video on a $4 natural looking smokey eye was my absolutely favorite. Everything costs only $1 and I have worn that look with pretty much any outfit you can imagine. She is huge on Youtube and has amazing tutorials for drugstore makeup, I have learned so much from her.
  • THIS video by a celebrity Bollywood make-up artist Mickey Contractor in collaboration with MAC cosmetics is my go-to guide for a really quick party smokey eye. It is bookmarked on my phone and I watch it over and over whenever I like to do smokey eye makeup.
  • I love the practical and super easy tips by an Indian makeup artist Pallavi Simmons and learned so much from THIS video tutorial about smokey eyes. 
  • As I got more and more confident about my eye makeup, I decided to invest into the holy grail of eye makeup pallet – Urban Decay. You will not regret buying this, $54 for an eye pallet sure is high but you will be using it for a very long time.
  • If you do not like to break your bank then THIS eye palette from Wet n wild is just $5 and my absolutely favorite. I still use it sometimes for my go-to eye makeup.
  • If you like to see more then I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated just for smokey eyes. HERE is the direct link to my Pinterest board, you might have to log into your Pinterest account to access it.

Here’s a helpful tip – try to apply the eye makeup simultaneously while watching the video on your phone or on your computer. This helps a lot and you can learn faster and experiment with several looks that works best on you.

Hope you like the videos listed above. Let me know if you have any favorites that taught you a thing or two about smokey eyes!


Gift Ideas for Mom

Since mother’s day is around the corner, I hit some of my favorite sites on the Internet to see what is in trend nowadays. Although I don’t gift my mom anything on mother’s day itself because she lives in India, I like to carry a ton of gifts for her whenever I go to India. And since I grew up in a very large joint family, I also treat my three beautiful aunts as my mom and dare not show up empty handed. The relationship I share with them is that I can show up at their house without notice and demand absolutely anything. They shower a lot of love on me just like their own daughter.

The problem is – they all have different taste and that is something I try to keep in mind when buying a gift from them. So, here are some resources I put together that helped me figure out what to buy for each of them not just for the mother’s day but for any other occasion – be it their birthday, anniversary or just simply visiting them.  

All sources are linked via images, to find more information about the items, simply click on the image and it will take you to their website. This is not any kind of promotion or advertisement, they are simply my favorites.

For the mom who is stylish…

So, you adore her style and want to gift her something that would absolutely make her happy. 

Tunics are my all time favorite! I’ve always been a big fan of Tory Burch’s outfits, especially their tunics, which are known as torytunics. I love the quality and the unique design it offers. They often have 30% off sale. You can also find a good selection of tunics at Anthropologie.com. Another store you can’t go wrong regardless of what you buy is Talbots.com, their collection is always classy and conservative.


No one can ever have enough handbags, but if you are bored of gifting handbags like me then hand luggage is an excellent option. Once I gifted a very chic hand luggage bag to one of my aunt. She still uses it to this day whenever she travels and absolutely adores it.

For the mom who loves to collect jewelry…

And we are talking about my mom here. It is absolutely dangerous to ask her what she wants for the gift because her list is pretty long and totally out of my budget. Oh and she considers 14 karat gold as fake jewelry and she only touches 22 or 24 karat gold. This is very normal in the Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. A piece of jewelry is your safer bet than absolutely any other gifts because all women love jewelry. In the past, I bought a classic freshwater pearl necklace for my mom and she absolutely loved it. She would wear it with formal pants, dresses, and even sarees. Just make sure to get larger diameter pearls, not the very small ones. 

mother's day collage

I bought the silver based gold plated earrings above from Hautelook.com, its a flash sale site by Nordstrom, one of my favorite places to shop online. The only downside is that it takes too long to arrive.

After a certain age, women do not like buying or receiving costume jewelry. They like to invest into jewelry which can be passed on from generation to generation, at least that’s what my mom and all the women I came across loves. This season I’ve been loving the rose gold everything.

Also, for a tech savvy mom an apple watch in rose gold makes an absolutely stunning gift. And, you can find them at as low as $249 nowadays at Bestbuy.com. For the mom who is extremely conscious about the brands they have a very chic Hermes watch. (swoon!)

For the mom who loves to cook…

A cooking class at your local williamsonoma.com makes an ideal gift. They make it so much fun and you get to learn a new dish.

A trip to craft supply store such as Michaels or grocery store such as target will usually have a huge selection of baking ware and accessories that you can carry for her. I like the cute cookie cutters and Seasonings from Sur La Table. Fondant maker, different icing tubes, an elegant and stylish apron or colorful sprinkles are great ideas too. I like to make a box full of goodies and add a cookbook to it. 


I also love the idea of putting all her family recipes and making her a professional looking book of her own. For this, you need to start collecting her recipes early on or get hold of her old cookbook with that ripped front cover. Blurb.com and heritagecookbook.com are my favorites and their prices are also pretty reasonable. I absolutely love how heritage cookbook has a personal touch to it and it makes a perfect gift for moms.

For the mom or grandma who is bff’s with her grandkids…

A handmade scrapbook is ideal, but if you don’t have so much time then a photo book makes the ideal gift. Lately, I’ve been loving the Instagram friendly book from Artifact Uprising. And best of all you can ship it directly to your mom’s house. In the past, I have tried shutterfly.com and loved it. Costco and Sams Club also has great options to create your photo book at a very reasonable price. 
artifact uprising2


There is nothing better than a DIY from your little ones. I sure love the gifts that my daughter gets me but I would love more when she buys it with her own money when she grows up! When she is doing her own little DIY for me, I know that she is putting in her precious time and is made by her little hands. Isn’t that the most precious gift ever? Here are some ideas for the last minute DIY your mom is sure to love –

  • These little animal magnets are so cute, all you will need it a spray paint and old toys. 
  • Make your own candles and add your mom’s favorite scent. Best for older girls.
  • Can’t go wrong with this coffee filter rose bouquet that will stay for a long time.
  • These brass bracelets are perfect no matter what the occasion is, just be sure to choose the appropriate design for mom.
  • Made with old magazines, isn’t it adorable. Also, this site has a lot of ideas to make beautiful things out of old magazines.
  • I am in love with this idea and currently working on it. All you need is a large photo-frame.


Chocolates – C’mon now which women thinks that she has a perfect figure. Everyone wants to lose weight, maybe just that half inch. Help them out by choosing something healthy. Try to choose something healthy such as a dark chocolate with 70-80% cocoa in it. I recently came across this wonderful dark chocolate with matcha green tea. Matcha is the latest craze in health food category nowadays!

Fashion Jewelry – For the love of god don’t buy those fake fashion jewelry from Forever21! Also, keep in mind the age and the place she usually likes to show off, it might be your local church or it might be family gatherings. That helps a lot in deciding.

A surprise vacation – Which is not a bad idea but make sure you check her schedule first. Also, if she is a professional lady, she has prior commitments and would not like your idea. They usually like to plan ahead and have enough time for packing.

Lacy tie up sandals that are currently in trend – Unless your mom is less than 40 years old. Because by the time you are old enough to research and buy her gifts with your own money, she should be at around 40! And yes they love comfort anytime over fashion and fads. Just go to a good store and pick up quality shoes that don’t make her look like a teenager.

A DIY that she cannot use – Stay away from DIY’s if it is not your thing. Nobody wants to hang junk in their house.

Something you would want to use for yourself – This was something I used to fight with my brother for every single time. He would buy my mom gifts such as volleyball or a sports t-shirt which he would end up using eventually. Ugghhhhh!! Till this day I don’t miss a chance to remind him of his foolishness that he did in his teens, that’s what siblings are for. He’s married now and has much better taste, thank goodness for his wife!

All Sources are linked via images.


5 Best Parenting Advice I Cherish Forever


Parenting adviceAs a first generation immigrant, I have always had my share of insecurities when it comes to parenting. I grew up in a completely different world where everyone spoke the same language, they looked the same, celebrated same festivals and enjoyed same food. My parents had a lot of guidance and support from my grandparents. But, it is not the same for my child in a foreign land which is made up of immigrants who come from all different parts of the world.

While my mom is least interested in coming and staying with me because she cannot drive and is not independent, she did gave me a handful of advice that has been extremely helpful to me so far. From time to time I also learn a lot from my aunt who moved three different countries while raising her three kids and having a successful career. I have come across so many moms, just like me who always appreciates a bit of guidance regarding parenting. Sometimes I get to learn from them also.

Although, I’m no expert on motherhood, these valuable advice from few wise ladies in my life has helped me and it might interest you as well – 

1. Memorize H. A. L. T – 

You might have already heard about H.A. L. T a million times now. Kids mainly throw tantrums when they are Hungry, Agitated, Lonely or Tired. Agitated is upset or nervous. It is important to analyze the reason before reacting to the situation.

When I feel any of these signs coming from my daughter, I take a step back and think what might have caused this irrational behavior. Once I know the reason, it instantly calms me down and helps me react in a way that does not make me feel guilty later. 

2. Let them learn what they want to – 

Always assisting them for every little thing is not going to make them independent and explore the world on their own. Helping them or guiding them for everything is only going to make them more and more dependent on you. So, step back and watch them figure out and explore those little things. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to step in at a certain point and guide them in the correct way.

With my daughter, I was upset when she resisted to Indian mythological stories as a kid. She didn’t seem to show much interest, but I found out that these stories often involve some sort of violence and little girls specifically tend to get scared. So, fast forward few years and I introduced few stories again and saw that she was brave this time and more accepting of it with the age. Patience is your friend! At the right age and right time they will learn whatever you want them to learn.

3. Foster the art of appreciation and kindness early on – 

A little kindness, respect, and self-discipline go a long way. It helps them stay positive and makes them appreciate and open to the differences in people and their culture. Everything seems beautiful to a kind and positive heart.

4. Let your kids fail sometimes –

Failure is extremely EXTREMELY important for a wholesome life. There is no fun in winning every single time if you have never realized how failure feels. Failure is also one of the best teachers in life, it teaches them self-sufficiency and being realistic early on. Do not let them win at that board game, they may cry for the first time and the second time but you will definitely notice the change for the third time. 

5. Wear your own oxygen mask first – 

Take care of yourself first before anyone. There is no right or wrong way of parenting, everyone has their own style of doing things. It’s okay to mess up sometimes, they will love you regardless. If you deprive yourself of rest, food, and fun for the sake of kids, you are doing a big harm to your physical and emotional self. I remember spending a few days at my grandma’s house (mom’s mom) so that my parents can go for a weekend gateway. That may sound a little too much but catching up on that newly released chick-flick with your bestie followed by a light sangria every once in a while definitely helps.

And, don’t forget to play! Don’t forget to live your childhood all over again with your little ones. Put on those Bollywood beats and shake a leg or two with your kid while not only teaching them some moves but also working out those calories. Take up a sport or an activity, they will remember it forever. Some of the things me and my daughter absolutely enjoy doing together is going for evening bike rides, making DIY gifts for friends and family and making crazy dubsmash videos (kid friendly only).

What are some of your favorite parenting advice that you have received from your mom or from your friends? I would absolutely love to hear!

“don’t forget to play” image captured at a beautiful Airbnb Glass House on the hills we rented in Austin.